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Tickets will be available starting April 1, 2020.


Created and performed by Siobhan O’Laughlin (Brooklyn, NY)

Beginning its global journey in Tokyo in 2015, Broken Bone Bathtub is an immersive theatre project taking place inside a bathtub, in an actual home. After a serious bike accident, a young woman musters up the courage to ask for help, and shares her story, exploring themes of trauma, suffering, human generosity, vulnerability, and connection. The audience takes on the role of Siobhan’s close friends; not only in listening but sharing in their experiences, and assisting the cast-clad artist in the actual ritual of taking a bath.

RUNTIME: 60 minutes


Created by Capital W (Los Angeles, CA)
Written and directed by Lauren Ludwig
Dramaturgy by Monica Miklas

“You met Emma online. Her profile says she likes her new rescue dog, drinking (alone or with friends), and tetris. Today is your first date. Too bad it will be terrible.”

Winner of the Immersive Critic’s Circle Best Overall Immersive Work award, RED FLAGS is a highly interactive theater experience for audiences of one-at-a-time. On this fictional first date, audiences meet and experience the character of Emma – a woman struggling to make sense of her life in Los Angeles. Over the course of their hour alone together, the audience member and Emma get to know one another intimately, discovering the misunderstandings and unexpected connections of a bad date.


Created by Sackerson (Salt Lake City, UT)
Written by Morag Shepherd
Created by Alex Ungerman
Directed by Dave Mortensen

“An audience of six follows a young woman falling in and out of love against the backdrop of downtown SLC.”

RUNTIME: 85 minutes

NOTES: Throughout the show audience will walk about 1.5 miles, climb a few stairs, and take public transit. Please be prepared with good shoes and travel light.


Written by Matthew Ivan Bennett, Morag Shepherd, and Shawn Francis Saunders
Created by Alex Ungerman
Directed by Morag Shepherd

“An audience of four enter the box one at a time. Six short plays about terrible things.”

RUNTIME: 90 minutes